Séafra Guilfoyle

Name: Séafra Guilfoyle

Class Sailed: Laser Full Rig


Hometown Club: Royal Cork Yacht Club



When and where did you first try sailing? When I Was 7 years old in The Royal Cork Yacht Club

Who introduced you to sailing? My parents

What was the first boat you raced? Optimist 

What was the first race you won? Tuesday night league racing 

When did you first represent Ireland? In 2007, At the optimist British nationals in Weymouth
How did you progress from a Club sailor to an Olympic class sailor? Hard work and dedication. Through the isa pathway 

What’s your boat name? The flying Dutchman (So when i am passing other sailors i can say release the kracken) 

Who has been the biggest influence in your career to date? My mum and Dad, they've always supported me. 

What was your worst sailing moment? Losing the lead at the isafs with one race to go.

What was your best sailing moment? Coming second in the Isafs 

What is your favourite boat to sail? Laser

What do you eat for breakfast on a race day? weatabix 

What three things are always in your suitcase? toothbrush, socks and a picture of myself

What is the best sailing venue in Ireland? Schull 

What is the best sailing venue in the world? Lake Garda 

What was your most expensive sailing accident? My oppie fell off the trailer on the way to waterford 

What’s the top speed you've reached sailing? i'd say at least 78km/hr

If you weren't a full-time sailor what would you be? A brilliant actor with a part-time job as a model 

Do you have any heroes? Ben Ainsle, Cristiano Ronaldo and Fionn Lyden

Do you play any other sports? not anymore

What do you do for fun? hoola-hooping 

What’s your best attribute? My hair and face

What’s your worst habit? My modesty

What makes you angry? I don't like to lose 

What’s your dream holiday? going to Disneyland 

What’s your favourite food? Rasher sandwhiches or a chicken kiev 

Who’s your favourite band? Killers 

What’s your favourite TV show or movie? Never Back Down 

If you had a theme song – what would it be? It would be any song by Adele

If they made a movie of your life - who would play you? Zac Efron and Channing Tatum

In 10 years’ time I would like to be: an olympic gold medalist