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DEVELOPING INTO THE SPORT is STAGE 3 of the Pathway and is a key turning point for many sailors and their parents, as sailing is becoming their primary sport. It is a phase allowing sailors to enter the Pathway for the first time through club youth programme, but some may also have a successful exit towards non-Pathway sailing. It is the phase where sailors figure out how far they want to take their sport. Coaches will start to empower, increase focus and challenge their sailors.  The boats Training Competition levels Training levels Topper, Laser4.7, Radial, 420 Club based, open class training, Irish Sailing Laser regional training, Irish Sailing national Topper squad Club and national competition with the introduction of international racing for experience. Increasing training levels to 2 days a week with recovery periods and increased intensity periods. 


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"Squads will resume post Covid 19 restrictions" James OCallaghan


Laser 4.7 

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